Art in Action V:


Art is the concept that encompasses all creations made by humans to express a sensitive vision of the world, whether real or imaginary. By plastic, linguistic or sound effects, art can express ideas, emotions, perceptions and feelings.

The artist of the twentieth century wanted to unite art and life, expanding the horizons of aesthetics beyond the spaces dedicated to art experience. Communication human experiences in all its expressive range, involving various branches and artistic strategies:

- Highlighting the mental components of art and its perception.

- The artist doesn´t try to reflect the reality anymore. It is aiming to demonstrate their inner world, express their feelings.

Joseph Beuys, Dutch artist says "Art is action. Socialisation has managed to make art closer to all audiences". New technologies make art function changes. Photography and cinema are responsible for reflecting reality.

Art in Action emphasises that art is a means of creative expression of human nature.



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