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Rose Marie Bellemur, along with curators and staff, manage the Contemporary International Exhibitions Program of BAP.

Bellemur is a professional Artist and Curator, and was a Director of Art Galleries such as "Roche Bobois Art Gallery", San Sebastián, Spain (2003); "Camden Art Gallery", London, England (2007-2012); "Galerie64", Hendaye, France (2009-2012); "ArticBlue Art Gallery", Ibiza, Spain (2013-2015); "Galerie Charlotte Norberg", Paris, France (2016) and "BAP Gallery", Paris, France (2017-2020).

She has also been co-founder and director of artistic projects and art fairs such as "MIACCS", San Sebastian, Spain (2004); "Convo Art", Mar del Plata, Argentina (2007-2010) and "Art Ibiza '15", Ibiza, Spain (2015).

Bellemur has participated in several International Exhibitions and Artistic Projects. Meanwhile, as a professional artist has participated in numerous exhibitions in the last ten years, such as the Florence Biennale, Italy (2003); Art en Capital, Grand Palais, France (2011 and 2014); Beaux Salon National des Arts, Carrousel du Louvre, France (2009 to 2014); AAF Affordable Art Fair Paris (2009); Art Milano, Italy (2013 and 2014); Art Monaco (2010 to 2015), Art Rotterdam, The Netherlands (2014); Art Marbella (2009 to 2011), Swab Barcelona, Spain (2013); Art Market Budapest (2016 to 2018); Art en Capital: Grand Palais Paris (2016 to 2020); Art Fair Brussels (2019); Art Contemporary Zurich (2019); London Art Biennale (2019); among others.

Moreover, Rose Marie Bellemur has worked in large international exhibitions as Head Curator and also in collaboration. Her reference appears in several publications. Her works are in private collections, museums and art galleries.


-  Disseminate and promote artistic expressions
-  Encourage creativity, through individual and group exhibitions of emerging and established artists
-  Create new opportunities for curators to present their professional projects

Contemporary International Exhibitions Program 

BAP held various artistic activities in European cities such as Paris, London, Rome, Milano, Madrid, Barcelona, Ibiza, Rotterdam, Brussels, Budapest, Copenhagen, and Zurich, among others. Each season new projects by groups of artists and curators consider presenting their artistic proposals. Whether through an exhibition or a different event, prospecting, or showing an ordered collection of objects.

The artists that work with BAP, operate with different expressive means, covering a wide range of specialities, such as sculpture, painting, photography, drawings, and installations.

BAP´s main objective is to promote artists' insertion and to position in the art market, collaborating with artistic development.

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