Julieta Laino


A new released book: "Máquinas 2024"

Julieta Laino will make the last presentation of her new book "Máquinas 2024" on March 15th, at the Centro Cultural Victoria Ocampo venue (Villa Victoria). It is located at 1851 Matheu Street, in the block surrounded by Arenales, Quintana and Lamadrid Streets.

About Villa Victoria´s Venue:
Villa Victoria was nothing more and nothing less than the summer house in Mar del Plata of the great writer Victoria Ocampo. Over the years, it has established itself as a great tourist and cultural attraction in the city of Mar del Plata, where the memory of the writer is recreated and both artistic and educational activities are developed: an exhibition of the original furniture of Victoria Ocampo's room; temporary exhibitions; videos for adults and children that illustrate about the house and the writer; exhibition of different issues of the Sur Magazine and literary works; workshops, visitor services and visits for the general public.

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When the bonds that kept her a prisoner of her own reality were untied, in fact, to be fair, when she finally decided to break free of them, a new world appeared before her eyes. From her bonds sprouted a seed in multiple essences, in promises of other becomings. And in that nature she could find her element, watching the reflection of her own image unfold before her. The answer was always there, only this time she chose to look at it and smiled.

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Throughout my life, I have explored different ways of doing this. First, through dance, I became a classical dancer. Then I graduated as a graphic designer and then made use of colour, form and composition, a mixture of creative intuition and logical thinking. Later I trained as a yoga teacher in the United States, learning stories of ancient times that were expressed in the body through the spirit. And one day I decided I wanted to use brushes and tell my stories with watercolours, inks and paper. A few years ago I started to express myself using words and I felt that they were also my element, "language opens doors", says my zen teacher, is that why I like learning languages so much? My latest adventure at the moment is Japanese. Who knows, maybe one day in Japan, kimono in hand, I will tell stories out loud while the cherry blossom trees look at me wondering "And what happened next?".

About Julieta

Julieta Laino was born in 1979 in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her first steps in the art world were in ceramics and dance disciplines. She studied to become a Classic Dance Teacher and was part of several dance troupes within a company. Later in her life she graduated as a Graphic Designer in Universidad de Belgrano (2001, Buenos Aires, Argentina). She worked in Buenos Aires as a designer for different studios, specifically in institutional communication and branding. Later, she opened her own design and communication studio.

She studied expressive and Japanese calligraphy.

Life turns lead her to the journey of deep self-discovery. As a result of that search, she became an Anusara Yoga Teacher for which she travelled around the United States, Peru and Chile. She worked as a yoga consultant and was in charge of the management and direction of yoga and meditation seminaries with renowned yoga masters.

In the last six years, she has been designing and offering courses to develop human potential, joining together yoga tools with art and design concepts.

In the present, she is involved with art projects and visual essays as a way to explore human evolution´s nature.

Artistic CV


  • BAP Gallery, Art Market Budapest. Budapest, Hungary.


  • Expressing Yourself. On-Site & Virtual Edition. BAP Gallery. Ibiza, Spain


  • Christmas 2020, Collective Art Exhibition. BAP Gallery. Ibiza, Spain
  • Art Market Budapest 2020: Virtual Edition. BAP Gallery. Budapest, Hungary
  • The Future depends on You! BAP Gallery. Ibiza, Spain
  • Art in Action V: Paris. BAP Gallery. Paris, France
  • She creates, directs, and hosts the Podcast `Las Invisibles´, which is about women artists in history. (IGTV + from Instagram @julietalaino)
  • Edition of `EYES OF HEALING´ book for The Sketchbook Project at the Brooklyn Art Library, New York, USA.
  • Ruling Pen´ Workshop by Silvia Cordero Vega (Argentina), Domestika

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What about merging all differences? What about feeling the indivisible web connecting all beings, all things as one? That afternoon, as the sun went down, she could feel for the first time in her whole life, something had changed forever. She didn't know exactly what it was, but she knew it was deep, pure and noble. Breathing in the energy of the sunset rays had never been so delightful. Listening to the whisper of leaves and grass through the sweetness of the wind reminded her she was not alone. Her breathing was also their breathing. Her heartbeats were also the pulsation of all existing life expressions. Whatever she touched became an extension of her skin. She was the sky and the earth. She was matter and also emptiness, so etheric as the finest particle of kindness. Nothing was out of her, but at the same time, the whole universe embraced her as one. She became love.


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