Kawthar Al Harthi




Kawthar Al Harthi, a visual artist on collage and mixed media, currently working as an Art teacher. graduated from Sultan Qaboos University with a bachelor's degree in Art Education.

"Art is the ruling passion of my life; it is a particularly unique way of portraying the world and recreating a new reality. In a way, it is a constant attempt to find relationships between memories, imagination, and physical reality.

I participated in most of the university group art exhibitions from 2014 to 2019. I also participated in the Annual Youth Exhibition (2017,2018) in the Omani Society of Fine Arts. In 2019 I went to Vienna to part of (the Omani art exhibition) powered by the Omani embassy. Lately, I've been displaying my artworks in a group exhibition at Matti Sirvio's art gallery in Muscat".


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