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In the wake of Benno Werth and its subtractive-casting method with which, inter alia, Forms with complex undercuts can be produced in a casting process, builds Gisela Engeln-Müllges their multifaceted sculptures made of aluminium and bronze. Skylines, walls, balls, but also large styles determine their work. A formidable complexity distinguishes the sculptures. Variations in the surfaces and structures, interruptions and easy direction changes give the work an appearance of effortless ease.

Even in painting goes Gisela Engeln-Müllges new ways. Spirals, grids, circles and tiny, reminiscent of landscape areas determine their painting. Recessed one in the painting, discovers itself to new levels and structures. A large number of layers of paint (oil on canvas) one gets the impression of being able to recognise the physical reality of space. Pictures of sensual depth are the product of this development process.


  • 1940 - Born in Leipzig, Saxony (Germany)
  • 1958 - Abitur (A-Level equivalent) in Leipzig, followed by short-term positions in various professional fields, fled the German Democratic Republic in 1961
  • 1961–1967 -Studied mathematics at the RWTH Aachen, graduating with a degree in mathematics
  • 1971 - Granting of a doctorate to Dr. rer. nat., award of the ” Medal of the Aachen” Borchers. RWTH
  • 1967–1982 - Research assistant, senior engineer, and academic director at the RWTH Aachen
  • Since 1982 - Professor at the faculty of mechanical engineering and mechatronics at the FH Aachen (University of Applied Sciences)
  • 1991–2005 - Prorector for research and deputy rector at the FH Aachen
  • 1992 - Awarded the Bundesverdienstkreuz (Federal Cross of Merit)
  • 1997–2003 - Member of the Wissenschaftsrat (German Council of Science and Humanities)
  • 1997-2013 - Spokeswoman for the jury of MWF, MIWFT/NRW later, for the ministerial funding of research and development, as well as competence platforms
  • 1997-2016 - Cooperation in numerous commissions of experts and jurys for the Ministery of Science, Research and Culture of the states Brandenburg, Lower Saxony, North Rhine Westphalia, Rhineland Palatinate (chairwoman), Saarland, Saxony-Anhalt, Thuringia
  • 2005 - Conferment of Honorary Doctorate degree, Technical University Nischni Nowgorod (Russia)
  • Since 2005 - Member in the board of trustees of the „Aachener Stiftung Kathy Beys“ (foundation), chairwoman since 2017
  • 2007-2017 - Executive chairwoman of „Initiative Aachen e.V.“
  • Since 2008 - Chair of the university council at the Fachhochschule Münster and member of the university council at the FH Aachen, vice chair there since 2013
  • Since 2018 - Spokeswoman in the working group of chairmen of the council of universities of applied sciences in NRW (North Rhine Westphalia)

Author/Co-Author of 16 book publications (titles), mainly about Numerical Mathematics, furthermore about Statistics, Applied Mathematics, Programming; one title is published by Springer up to 10th edition

Editor of 7 book publications.

Artistically, Gisela Engeln-Müllges worked closely with Prof. Benno Werth (1929-2015), who was a sculptor, painter, drawer, and urban designer as well as professor of visual art at the Pädagogische Hochschule and at the FH Aachen. He invented the so-called “subtraktive form- and casting process” for metals in 1962, with which Gisela Engeln-Müllges also works. She was his pupil, assistant and life partner for almost 21 years.


  • Solo exhibition, painting and sculpture, Hommage an Benno Werth, Riesa Municipal Museum with a collection of Benno Werth’s artworks, 14/09 – 02/11/2014
  • Solo exhibition, painting and sculpture, Räume, [kunstraumno.10], Mönchengladbach, 12/04 – 26/04/2015
  • ART MONACO 2015 (Articblue Gallery, Grimaldi Forum), 09/07 – 12/07/2015
  • ART STRASBOURG 2015 (ST'ART) - Contemporary Art Fair, stand for the foundation CCFA (Centre Culturel Franco-Allemand), 27/11 – 30/11/2015
  • Group exhibition, 15 Jahre [kunstraumno.10], [kunstraumno.10], Mönchengladbach, 10/01 – 31/01/2016
  • Solo exhibition, Gallery Radial Art Contemporain, Strasbourg, 23/01 – 11/02/2016
  • ART KARLSRUHE 2016 – International Fair for Classic Modern and Contemporary Art, stand for thefoundation CCFA (Centre Culturel Franco-Allemand), 18/02 – 21/02/2016
  • Solo exhibition, CCFA (Centre Culturel Franco-Allemand) foundation, Karlsruhe, 04/03 – 01/04/2016
  • Participation with two large scale aluminium sculptures in the exhibition Benno Werth, sculptures, drawings and paintings from the collections of the Skulpturenmuseum Glaskasten Marl and Riesa Municipal Museum, 28/04 – 12/06/2016
  • ART MARKET BUDAPEST 2016 – International Contemporary Art Fair (Articblue Gallery, BAP), Millenáris Cultural Center, Budapest, Hungary, 13/10 – 16/10/2016
  • Solo exhibition, Gallery IPOMAL, Landgraaf, Netherlands, 15/01–19/02/2017
  • ART KARLSRUHE 2017 – International Fair for Classic Modern and Contemporary Art, stand for thefoundation CCFA (Centre Culturel Franco-Allemand), 16/02 – 19/02/2017
  • "Hommage an Benno Werth", sculptures, drawings and paintings by Benno Werth and sculptures and paintings by Gisela Engeln-Müllges, Schloss Zweibrüggen, Übach-Palenberg, 24/09 – 22/10/2017
  • Sculpture projects en miniature - Small sculptures, gallery Thomas Goeken, Münster, September 2017 to April 2018
  • ART MARKET BUDAPEST 2017, International contemporary art fair, with Gallery Bellemur Art Projects, Millenaris Cultural Center, Budapest, Hungary, 12-15/10/2017
  • Participation in the international project "Pillars of Freedom" with a pillar with a height of 235 cm, which stands for multiplicity and tolerance. Initiator of the project is Alfred Mewissen from Alsdorf. The pillar is casted from one piece without any weld seams. Unicate, 2017
  • ART CAPITAL PARIS 2018, with Gallery BAP, Grand Palais, Paris, Frankreich, 13-18/02/2018
  • ART IN ACTION II PARIS at Galerie Bellemur Art Project, Paris, Frankreich, 16-27/05/2018
  • Solo exhibition „Transformation“, paintings and sculptures, regio iT, Society for Information Technology mbh, Aachen, 8th June - 6th July 2018
  • Solo exhibition of painting and sculpture at the gallery Thomas Goeken in Münster (Germany), 1st September - 17th October 2018
  • Solo exhibition „Spatial Structures and Layers“ in cultural centre of the foundation De Kopermolen in Vaals, Netherlands, 09/09 – 21/10/2018
  • ART CAPITAL PARIS 2019 with Gallery BAP, Grand Palais, Paris, Frankreich, 12-17/02/2019
  • Solo exhibition in the Ipomal Galerie en Kunstuitleen, Charles Frehenstraat 5, Landgraaf (NL),10/03 – 14/04/2019
  • ART FAIR BRUESSEL 2019, Avenue du Port 86c, B 1000 Brussels, Belgium, 14-17/03/2019
  • ART BIENNALE LONDON 2019, Chelsea Old Town Hall, 23RD - 26TH MAY 2019
  • ART INTERNATIONAL ZURICH 2019, 21st Contemporary Art Fair, Puls 5 - Giessereihalle, Giessereistrasse18, CH-8005 Zürich, 26-29/09/2019
  • Participation with sculptures at the winter exhibition of the gallery Noack, Wassenberg,29/11 – 20/12/2019
  • Solo exhibition in the Galerie [kunstraumno.10], Matthiasstraße 10, 41063 Mönchengladbach, 08-22/03/2020
  • Painting. Permanent exhibition in the neuropraxis at the power supply tower Dr. med. Irene Lehr-Ludwig M.A.,Aachen, since 06/26/2020.
  • ART MARKET BUDAPEST VIRTUAL, with Gallery Bellemur Art Projects, Budapest, Hungary, 22.-
  • 25.10.2020.

  • LONDON ART BIENNIAL 2021. BAP Gallery. Chelsea Old Town Hall. London, England. 30/06/2021 - 04/07/2021. Award at Art Biennale London 2021.
  • Art Museum of Chianciano Terme Award, "Sculpture Interpenetration Hexahedron/Octahedron", Sculpture "Penetration of Platonic Solids" can be seen at
  • MULTIPLE VISION - BAP Gallery. Ibiza, Spain. 02/06/2021 - 02/01/2022.
  • ART WORKSHOP EUREGIO". Collective exhibition in Museum Zinkhütter Hof e. V, Stolberg (Rhineland). 06/02/2022 - 13/03/2022.
  • ART CAPITAL PARIS 2022". Grand Palais Éphémère, Champ de Mars. Paris. BAP Gallery. 15/02/2022 - 20/02/2022.
  • Gisela Engeln-Müllges, Solo exhibition" in City Museum Riesa with Benno Werth Collection. 18/06/2022 - 21/08/2022.
  • Gisela Engeln-Müllges, Solo exhibition" at Museum De Kopermolen. 25/09/2022 - 20/11/2022.

Works in public collections

  • Riesa Municipal Museum with a collection of Benno Werth’s artworks
  • Skulpturenmuseum Glaskasten Marl

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