Expressing Myself


There is no doubt that´s Creativity is one of the floating ideas of our present and an organic part of the system. Today it is promoted and emphasized in companies, in science, in the educational system, or in urban planning. It is important to point out that we need is a space that promotes creativity in a limited and solid way.

We wanted to carry out a collective exhibition called `Expressing Myself´, where the artist expresses what they really feel today, feeling freedom and providing them own tools necessary for their artworks to reach different parts of the world. 




Gisela Engeln-Müllges

The results speak for themselves: the new forms of columns, walls, skylines and even globe shapes are evidence that much can still be achieved using Werth’s casting process even after his career unfortunately has ended. Engeln-Müllges has succeeded in creating highly complex sculptures. We find various discs, from wafer-thin to thick, used to create her columns. Thanks to a highly diverse range of incisions, these forms vary constantly depending on the viewer’s angle. Now, Engeln-Müllges has fused sculpture and base together by directly including the bottom of a sculpture in the casting process. 

Moreover, Engeln-Müllges’s skylines further develop the theme of walls. In these pieces she creates large-scale works characterized by the tremendous complexity of their shapes. What from a distance resembles a succession of building parts of varying heights arranged in a row, proves on closer inspection to be a highly-complex spatial creation, which boasts an ever-changing array of new shapes, perspectives and in particular a dramatic depth of field, depending on the vantage point of the viewer. No part of the sculpture is the same. The surfaces and structures are in a continual state of change. Interruptions and slight changes of angle give the sculptures added life and even a semblance of playful lightness. 

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Julieta Laino

MY ART MANIFESTO (What I work for)
To enhance humankind.
To refine our legacy.
To honour the highest within and without.
To evolve, to nurture, to love.
To make beauty, for beauty brightens us.

To smooth our edges.
To soften ourselves, so we can grow more.
To celebrate uniqueness.
To discover, refine and offer our gifts.
To become skilful with noble powers.

To speak that which is genuine and pure.
To awaken in love.

To integrate, always integrate.
The old and the new.
The new, with the present.
The old, with future.
Constant alchemy
to transform, evolve and love.

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Conceived in the middle of the desert,
these visual machines play to imagine
possible mechanisms that enhance nobel human powers.


Conceived in the middle of the desert,
these visual machines play to imagine
possible mechanisms that enhance nobel human powers.


Conceived in the middle of the desert,
these visual machines play to imagine
possible mechanisms that enhance nobel human powers.


There will come a day when the only
accurate voice will be the one spoken by the heart. That first impulse of energy
containing the most valuable information
to share and to expand,
to speak and not to hide,
so that we can evolve in pure awareness.


And sometimes, the mind will try to conquer it all.
But once she remembers her true essence of love,
she will hear only the perfect words,
the ones that need to be said, to be practiced, to be repeated.
So that the winds of the entire world spread the sweetness of love.


And one day the whole humanity will speak the same language of love, no matter where you live, what your dreams are,
what your conception of life is.
All will resume in one quality,

the simplest and the most magnificent.


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Martina Falk

I start my paintings intuitively, in a spontaneous play with colors and shapes.

Step by step and oftentimes in many layers, I develop further what shows on the canvas at the moment, thus creating color- intensive, dream-like soul landscapes, sometimes populated by surrealistic looking figures.

My concern is to reflect the beauty and magic of this world in my paintings. I want to convey a positive feeling to the viewer and at the same time awaken your own fantasy and sensuality. My adopted home Ibiza inspires me continuously through its bright colors, the Mediterranean nature, and its very own spirit.

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`Stairway to Heaven´

Acrylic on Canvas

60 x 60 cm

`Carnaval Natural´

Acrylic on Canvas

60 x 60 cm


 Acrylic on Canvas

60 x 60 cm

`Lucy in the sky´

Acrylic on Canvas

60 x 60 cm

`Viaje de Cris´

Acrylic on Canvas

60 x 60 cm

"Little bird in the sunshine"

Acrylic on Canvas

60 x 60 cm


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Magalí Gelanor

I like to paint abstract expressionism because it embodies life and spontaneity. I have travelled extensively around the world to explore new places and observe the life that unfolds there which has greatly nourished my inner life. I have been painting for about 20 years. I started out by taking lessons from artists who studied fine arts. Then later I had the happy meeting of a master of visual arts who, having perceived a potential, initiated me.

The abstract allows me to express the spontaneity and the life force that boils within me failing to be able to express myself through words being shy and reserved by nature. I am no longer a spectator but an actress. After the creation of my first abstract painting, intense happiness seized me which pushed me to continue on this path. While observing the blank canvas I feel dizzying freedom that of all possibilities, by impulsive gestures I launch myself into the unknown pushed by a force which leaves when approaching the canvas which suddenly comes to life.

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Marga Guasch Marí

The main characteristics of her artwork are the importance of texture and color. They are material works, highly charged, always in the absence of black and white. Mostly abstract, with the main objective of inviting the viewer to a work of personal introspection, approaching almost a meditation, living the present moment, and enjoying the painting.

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Caroline Patón

Raku, of Korean Origin, is an ancestral cooking technique derived from ceramics.

This has been intimately associated with the Zen character of Japanese culture since the 16th century.

It has become an International art of free expression, the meaning is "the coincidente of happiness".

Caroline Paton explores this technique in Highlighting the simplicity, softness and beauty of nature in her own creative universe and in harmony with the `spirit´of Ibiza, has been as island of inspiration since 1997.

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Carla Pino Wallace

Creativity for me is fire outlined by air. It is the tangible expression of the intangible that we carry inside. I believe that each one expresses itself artistically according to what is inside. I also think that you discover that in the process of letting go more and more of what is creative in you. That is why my interest and motivation at the time of painting is also perched, like a butterfly, in evoking in people the feeling of freedom, through minimalist colors and atmospheres that invite a state of peace and abstract forms that germinate curiosity in who observes them. Such a curiosity that inspires and ignites the personal desire to create freely and without structures.

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Pedro Pubil

Sedimentary rocks, sandstone, clays converge on the soils of our changing world. Elements that are transformed by supporting others, of living, fiery natures ... some heavy, others light that without knowing why they disappear before the indecisive observer's eyes. 

Everything comes to the surface after having traveled a decisive path in evolution, it reaches our hands to make us feel minuscule in the face of an element that allows us to know it, investigate it thoroughly, even mistreat it, undo if necessary without realizing it. We own it and we pamper it, we transform it in such a way that we alter its nature to make it stronger, to make it part of ourselves, part of our emotional trajectory and we shape it, mix it, structure it according to our changing needs. We make you participate in our biorhythms and we begin creation. 

Colored clay, irons, patina, minerals, chamottes, volcanic earth are the friendly elements and transformed into a ceremony at 1250 Celcius degrees, whose honeymoon will never end.

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Martín Romero Tamae

Female bodies stripped of identity challenge us, allowing ourselves to be seduced by formless form. This deconstruction of the formal body and of the color guides us through time, movement and space. 

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Helen Sadler

My abstract paintings are directly influenced and inspired by the natural beauty of the colour and light I see living in Ibiza.  My artwork is created instinctively, experimenting with colours, texture, layers, and light.

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Carlos Felipe Talavera

From a smooth, clean, and empty white, a discreet, organic, and new shape emerges, alludes to the beginning of what moves, what grows, what lives, provoking curiosity and invoking imagination and creativity. 

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