Anastasios Paraskevopulos






The Wood.

The sculptures I'm making of wood from the forests I get used to walking in are from tree trunks Choosing hard and heavy woods with nice colours are part of the overall aesthetics.

And as for round shapes, the round circle is the symbol of perfection, and there are only curves in the whole human body also and the universe has only round shapes and that all function perfectly and with order despite being called chaos, and the human is always looking for this harmony and order mentally psychically.


Anastasios born in Greece. He is a peintre and sculptor.

From 1984 to 1992 studying at "Escuela Superior De Disseny i Art Llotja “. Barcelona, Spain. In Real Circulo Artístico.

teinbldhauerel Meister. Koln Germany ( Solle, Master in Stone). Cologne, Germany.

Living in Berlin  Germany and Barcelona Spain.

Upcoming Art Fairs: Artexpo New York 2018 and Las Vegas 2018.


Different museums and galleries in Spain, Germany, France and Japan.

2001 and 2003 - Open air sculpture: Lapidea International Stone Symposium. Mayen City. Germany

2001 and 2003  - Gallery B.B.K Frankfurt. Germany

2004 - Museum Slegbulrg. Germany 

Centro Cultural de la Generalitat Catalunya. Paseig de Gracia. Barcelona, Spain

2013 - Tokio. Japan Europa.Union: In the house of Europe Tokio Japan.

Tokio and Osaka ; 2014 ,14 th Kojima Sculpture CompetitionTokyo and Osaka. Japan.

  • Committee and Review. Fihimika Maki Architect.
  • Prof. Harvard Pritzker Award
  • Soitchi Kajima Architect and Prof. Harvard  and CEO Kojima Foundation.

2017 - Salon International du Patrimoine Culturel Paris/Carrousel du Louvre .Paris .France.

2018 - Art Capital. Grand Palais du Luvre. Paris, France. 


Second price jeweler and museum contest Thomas Colomar. Barcelona, Spain.

Secod and third contest of doors design Fine Art School LLOTJA. Barcelona, Spain.

2003 - Lapidea International Sculpture Symposion and Institut for kunst und cultuur. Mayen Germany.

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