Magalí Gelanor




I like to paint abstract expressionism because it embodies life and spontaneity. I have travelled extensively around the world to explore new places and observe the life that unfolds there which has greatly nourished my inner life. I have been painting for about 20 years. I started out by taking lessons from artists who studied fine arts. Then later I had the happy meeting of a master of visual arts who, having perceived a potential, initiated me.

The abstract allows me to express the spontaneity and the life force that boils within me failing to be able to express myself through words being shy and reserved by nature. I am no longer a spectator but an actress. After the creation of my first abstract painting, intense happiness seized me which pushed me to continue on this path. While observing the blank canvas I feel dizzying freedom that of all possibilities, by impulsive gestures I launch myself into the unknown pushed by a force which leaves when approaching the canvas which suddenly comes to life.

Then I move away and look at the result so as to make adjustments here and there and harmonize everything. When I later observe my paintings I feel the freedom and the joy of a spirit free from all formatting. I travel through my canvases to a world made of subtle mixtures of colours and intangible shapes freeing the mind from any hindrance.

The gestures are like an improvised dance to a melody that only the mind knows. It is the life that takes over and whatever external events it is the strongest, it is light its strength, love to fill my inner life with colour in order to share it with you.


Navidad 2020

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