Haydée Laborin




Artist Haydee Laborin's use of light and gentle pencil strokes create the multi-dimensional characteristics, as though the work itself levitates from the canvas. The highest expression aims to create volume with the artist’s use of spatulas.

Standing out from the rest of her composition are her unique flowers, created using a distinct layering technique. Laborin’s flowers allude to spring and evoke the artist’s messages of rebirth, joyous songs, and the simple beauty of being alive. The blooms are her constant focus and are created using a variety of techniques. They possess an aqueous quality which allows them to flow along with the artist's feelings, thereby dissolving the boundaries between abstract and figurative art forms.



Born in Beautiful Tijuana, B.C. México. January 24,1966. 

Mexican Artist that enjoys painting with techniques that produce chemical reactions, mostly mixing acrylics, oils, encaustics, inks and textured gels. Being from a border city, the materials she uses are influenced by both cultures, USA and Mexico border inspired. Making her Art unique. 

  • 1986-1990    Universidad Iberoamericana del Noroeste in Graphic Design
  • 1989  1st. Place Corporate Identity Contest with the City of Tijuana 100 Anniversary "Feria de las Californias 1989". Tijuana, Mexico
  • 1990-1993  Imagraf Advertising Agency Creative Partner. Tijuana, Mexico
  • 2006 - Collective Art Show "Guadalupana". Tijuana, Mexico
  •                Collective Creative Drawing Show. Tijuana, Mexico
  • 2012 - Collective Art Show IV UN PASO AL NORTE. Casa Valencia Baja Gallery. San Diego, Ca., The USA
  •               SOLO Art Show "Soy Guadalupana". Galeria Arte 256, Mexico
  •               Collective Art Show “Virgen de Guadalupe". Galeria Distrito 10. Tijuana, Mexico
  • 2013 - Collective Art Show  "Virgen de Guadalupe 2013". Galeria Distrito 10'. Tijuana, Mexico
  •               Art Bazar Casa Valencia Baja Gallery, San Diego, Ca., The USA
  •               Collective Art Show "12-12" Guadalupana 2013". Atelier 109. Tijuana, Mexico
  • 2014 - Rosarito Art Fest Rosarito, Mexico
  •                Expo Art Show CRIT Tijuana, Vinicola El Cielo. Mexico
  • 2016 - The Power of Feminine Energy. San Diego, Ca., The USA
  •                Liberty Station Art Walk. San Diego, Ca., The USA
  •                ABK Art Representative “Tattoo”. San Diego, Ca., The USA
  •                Solo Show “Behind my Silence” Ray at Night. San Diego Ca. The USA
  •                ABK Art Representatives Pop Art Show. San Diego Ca. The USA
  •                Latin American Art Festival. San Diego Ca. The USA
  •                Art Walk Little Italy. San Diego Ca. The USA
  •                Museum of Art Oceanside “Power of Women”. San Diego Ca. The USA
  •                Revista Mujer Actual. Seccion Perfil y Obra
  •                Mural USA-Mexican Border Wall. FUNDRAISER for International Network of Hearts
  •                CEART, Playas de Tijuana.  Curator y MuseografÍa Art DisplayComplicidad en el Arte Taller de Xochilt Franco. Mexico
  •                Art on 30th. Ashton Gallery 4to. Aniversario. San Diego, Ca., The USA
  • 2018 - present, Art Houz Studio Gallery Owner Creative Director 50 to Watch The Studio Door Gallery. San Diego, Ca., The USA
  •                Me Too Movimiento Art Show Womens museum. San Diego, Ca., The USA
  •                Mission Federal Art Walk Little Italy. San Diego, Ca., The USA
  •                Art on 30th Ashton Gallery. Everything Green. San Diego, Ca., The USA
  •                Summer Pop Up Market Art Houz Studio. Gallery Eastlake. Ca., The USA
  •                Liberty Station Art Walk Arts Districts. San Diego, Ca., The USA
  •                LATIN American Art Fair San Diego. Bread and Salt Gallery. San Diego, Ca., The USA
  •                Holiday Bazar, Colectivo en Art Houz Studio Gallery Local San Diego, Inaugural Event. San Diego, Ca., The USA
  • 2019  - Social Media Lab Seminario.Angel Metropolitano Virtual Magazine
  •                 BAP Gallery. Zurich, Switzerland
  •                 BAP Gallery. London Art Biennale 2019. London, UK
  • 2020  - BAP Gallery. Collective Art Exhibition, Christmas 2020. Ibiza, Spain.

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