Caroline Patón






Raku, of Korean Origin, is an ancestral cooking technique derived from ceramics.

This has been intimately associated with the Zen character of Japanese culture since the 16th century.

It has become an International art of free expression, the meaning is "the coincidente of happiness".

Caroline Paton explores this technique in Highlighting the simplicity, softness and beauty of nature in her own creative universe and in harmony with the `spirit´of Ibiza, has been as island of inspiration since 1997.

Caroline´s sculptures are unique and original pieces, ceramic entirely made by hand. Ecological, without chemicals, elaborated with the fundamental natural elements, earth, fire, air and water.

The fusion between the Zen spirit and the purity of shapes modelled in Colomba technique, in stoneware and porcelain and the landscape of Ibiza applied like a watercolour: Outside the bowl, the deep blue of the sea between the horizon of the setting sun. Inside the bowl, all the richness of a green worthy of the island's campo.

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